The 2.5D Sculptures on Wood featured on this project are a preview of my new Y2019 Collection of Works made out of recycled materials and found objects. The objects used to create these Works are carefully selected by colours and fixed on wood by nails and screws.

Created 2018
Various size

'Eco Gecko' , size 20H x 35W cm. Sketch on wood
'Eco Gecko'  sculpture on wood, size 20H x 35W cm. A front view
'Hypnotized Silver Seahorse' sculpture on wood, size 45H x 21W cm. A front view
'Hypnotized Silver Seahorse' , detailed views
'Shining Fishy Fishes' sculpture on wood, size 23H x 34W cm. A front view
'Shining Fishy Fishes', a detailed view
'Junkie Owlet'  sculpture on wood door, size 40H x 36W cm. A front view
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