Inspired by Pablo Picasso original lithograph, Black Jug and Skull, 1946.
Chestnuts wood panel, metal, copper, copper wire, old jeans, glue, screws, nails, acrylic paint.

Created 2020.
Size 50 W x 50 H x 6 cm ( 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/8 in )
Code 00202002
The original lithograph depicts a jug, a human skull and an open book on a table. Picasso made it in the studio of the lithographer Fernand Mourlot in Paris using lithographic crayon and ink, which he scraped back with a tool in a number of areas to create highlights and sharp definition.
My proposal consist in remaking Pablo's original work in a contemporary work made out of recycled materials and found objects
Closeup of the open book on a table
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