Wall Sculptures made out of recycled materials and painting. I gather these objects to put back life into them by transforming them into wall sculptures and/or lamps. This is my way of trying to clear up the world. I place great faith in your appreciation of this beauty and philosophy.

Created 2016

Fork Fish lost in San Teodoro bay [size 57W x 25H x 4cm.] (Sold Out)
Red 'n Blue Fish which has been choosen the right Healt Care Plan for its needs [size 49W x 28H x 4cm.] (Sold Out)
Sandy Fish fell asleep outside and fried its back in the sun for an hour. [size 48W x 21H x 4cm.] (Sold Out)
Blind one. Who has found my sunglasses? [size 49W x 25H x 6cm.] (Sold Out)
Sly Fish. Hello, how are you? Would you like to play blind-man's buff? [size 58W x 31H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)
Crossbow Fish which is neither flesh nor fowl [size 60W x24H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)
Camouflage [sixe 65W x 38H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)
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