Created 2021/2022
Mural size 500 x 180 cm. made in a private house... in a secret place...

"A fleeting is like a dream. A captured moment in time. Cherish the journey, cherish the flight; tis a fleeting moment in time"

The Installation is made of a bunch of Butterflies painted on the wall, and some 3D Butterflies cutted from Traffic Signs that are fallen into disuse, painted and covered by Epoxy Resin
Photos by Andrea Mignogna
Fujifilm xt2 + fujinon 35mm f1.4
Fujifilm x100v
Some pictures and videos recorded during the process
Did you take the butterflies??
Ehmm...Yes I did!
Work in progress
The Work completed
The work is done, let's go home... bye!
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