My name is Maurizio Sergiusti, known professionally as Scoobafish.
I'm a Plastic Artist and I actually live and work in Sardinia.

My mother imparted to me a love for the art since I was young (she was a painter), and my father taught me the meticulous precision (he was a watchmaker), and last but not least, he was the king of the recycling too.

It is that precise marriage of art and love for sculpture crafted from found objects that create the works of art introduced within these pages.

My work is focused on the themes of ecology, waste, and recycling, and makes use of garbage as a method of critiquing over-consumption in the world.

A collection of discarded objects, various trash items that are found washed up or dumped along the roadsides, or simply the trappings of a junk drawer.

Random paraphernalia with no perceived value. These are the pieces that make their way into my studio and embark on their own transformational journey.
I never know what the outcome will be. I simply do what feels intrinsically right, never censoring the absurdity that enters in my mind. there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not creating a piece, scribbling down a concept, or formulating a colour palette. Everyday is an exercise in experimental play that follows the creative urge to push my own personal view on beauty.

I strongly believe in the recycling goal of my project and my contribution to the environmental sustainability is the investment of my creativity in the process of giving a new life to the used objects and useless trash, giving to garbage a new purpose and a new life by transforming it into works of art.
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