The idea of this project is to permanently seal discarded plastic trash and other found objects in epoxy resin to create luxurious looking furniture: lamps, chairs, tables and more. Somebody's trash is given a new life and becomes someone else's treasured furniture.

Created 2019
Size 48W x 138H x 15P cm.
Code 00201902
We created plastic.
We depend on it.
And now we are drowning in it!
'Frozen in time', the Idea:
To give a new life to plastic found on the beach in Sardinia.

This is what washed up on the West coast of Sardinia after a storm.

The dirty work

There was a lot of plastic and debris all over the beach. It took a lot of hard work and quite some time to clear up, but in the end we were very pleased with the results.

The plastic collected at the beach was washed, cleaned and we began thinking about how to 'freeze it in time'. ​​​​​​​

The brainstorming

We've decided to create a vertical floor lamp pictured in the sketch above.

The prototype
The light-up wall/floor lamp: it would have aspects of polluted sea floating at the top, marine creatures living in the middle, and heavy objects stuck on the bottom.

The final work

Closeup of the top layer.

Middle layer: jellyfish with natural daylight on the left and with a light source at night on the right.

Bottom layer of debris.

Thank you for watching!
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