Book: 300 x 300 mm  /  52 pages
Authors: Maurizio Sergiusti
Photography: Elio Bersani, Andrea Mignogna
Image editing & Book Design: Maurizio Sergiusti, Evelina Durgaryan
Printing and Binding: (Usa)
ISBN:  978-17-1434-774-2 (American)
2.5 Dimension
Street Art - Installations
Wall Sculptures
My name is Maurizio Sergiusti. I am an artist from Italy who is the creator of the Scoobafish project. The concept of my project is the transformation of various trash items that are found washed up on our beautiful sandy beaches or dumped along the roadsides, repurposed into works of art.
I strongly believe in the recycling goal of my project and my contribution to the environmental sustainability is the investment of my creativity in the process of giving a new life to the used objects and useless trash, giving to garbage a new purpose by transforming it into a wide range of articles, from wall sculptures to light fixtures, mural/wall installations, characters, lettering.
This is my unique way of trying to clear up the world from pollution.
I hold high faith in your appreciation of the beauty and philosophy of my work.
-- Thank you for watching --
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