The fruit sculptures taking part of this collection called TuttiFrutti, sometimes depicting fruits 'sliced,' 'eaten,' or 'rotten,' are conceived to raise awareness about excessive food consumption. Each artwork plays on oversized dimensions to emphasize this theme.
This project aims to highlight the issues of abundance and food waste. The sculptures, crafted from retired traffic signs, hand-painted, and occasionally coated with solvent-free epoxy resin, serve as visual symbols of transformation and decay, prompting reflection on our relationship with food and resources.
Encountering TuttiFrutti, viewers will find a creative and provocative reinterpretation of the themes of consumption and food waste. These artworks not only capture attention for their unique aesthetics and materiality but also provoke critical reflection on modern food practices and environmental sustainability. I invite the audience to explore this artistic realm that blends art, social critique, and material innovation.
​​​​​​CREATED: 2023
SIZE: 100 x 100 x 7cm.
The dirty work behind
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