The Eco-Warrior

While some of us go the extra mile to reduce our impact on the planet, we cannot do it alone. We need brands, who have much more influence than a single person, to take transformative action.
Companies from all sectors have promised to reduce their footprints in an effort to increase their brand sustainability for the good of the planet. But to do that, brands have to get their message across to a wide audience in a memorable way. After all, brands can’t do it alone either.
To make the most powerful sustainable impacts, it’s one thing to have a great idea. But it’s another to tactfully attract people to it.
The following project called Plastic-Apocalypse is extending an invitation, an attempt to involve, a personal way of drawing the viewer into a more respectful dimension of our way of existing as humans.
Created 2023
Size 195H x 100W x 100D cm.
Two months in the working
Building the supporting skeleton

Painting time

The Work complete
Please unwrap us
During the summer season in 2023, you can stop by and see the statue displayed in my gallery in San Pantaleo, Italy

41°04'73.2"N 9°46'77.1"E
Thank you!
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