Wall Sculptures made out of recycled materials and painting. I gather these objects to put back life into them by transforming them into wall sculptures in the shape of marine creatures. This is my way of trying to clear up the world. I place great faith in your appreciation of this beauty and philosophy.

Created 2016 - 2017

Fork Fish lost in San Teodoro bay [size 57W x 25H x 4cm.] (Sold Out)

Red'n Blue FIsh which has been choosen the right Healt Care Plan for its needs [size 49W x 28H x 4cm.] (Sold Out)

Sandy Fish fell asleep and fried its back in the sun for an hour [size 48W x 21H x 4cm.] (Sold Out)

Blind one. Who has found my sunglasses? [size 49W x 25H x 6cm.] (Sold Out)

Sly Fish. Hello, how are you? Would you like to play blind-man's buff? [size 58W x 31H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)

The Charming Prince searching for its partner [size 48W x 25H x 6cm.] (Sold Out)
Jokester Fish [size 45W x 25H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)
A-Fish [size 35W x 12H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)
Survivor from the Abyss [size 38W x 19H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)
Devil Fish [size 54W x 35H x 5cm.] (Sold Out)
DriftFish [size 65W x 30H x 7cm.] (Sold Out)
Half-Moon Fish [size 82W x 40H x 9cm.] (Sold Out)
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