Created 2019.
Permanent Urban Installation located in via Maddalena, 20 San Pantaleo 07026 (OT) Italy - Map reference point 41°02'49.9"N 9°28'03.1"E
The whole 2.5D part of the installation was made of recycled materials and found objects assembled on the wall.
Plastic, oil barrel, traffic sign (the apple), broken car parts, screws, acrylic paint, spray paint

Size: 360 W x 300 H x 40 cm ( 141 1/2 x 118 x 15 1/2 in )
Code 00201908
'I believe that street-art goes beyond spray paint. Sculptures are pushing the creative boundaries of street-art. I would offer a new approach: working the raw material: wood, steel, iron, and obviously plastic combining it with spray paint to create more than an art piece.'
Work in progress
A view from a drone
Three weeks in the working
The work completed
A front view
A side view
A detailed view
Closeup of the middle layer:
The snake is completely made out of plastic pieces founded on the beaches in Sardinia
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