Permanent Urban Installation in San Pantaleo, Costa Smeralda, Italy.
All the 2.5D of the installation is made of recycled materials and found objects.

Created 2019.
Size 360W x 300H cm.
Located in via Maddalena, 20 - San Pantaleo 07026 (OT) Italy
41°02'49.9"N 9°28'03.1"E

Work in progress
A view from a drone
Three weeks in the working
'I believe that street-art goes beyond spray paint. Sculptures are pushing the creative boundaries of street-art. I would offer a new approach: working the raw material: wood, steel, iron, and obviously plastic combining it with spray paint to create more than an art piece.'
The work completed
A front view
A side view
A detailed view
Closeup of the middle layer:
The snake is completely made out of plastic pieces founded on the beaches in Sardinia
Thank you for watching!

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